Aug. – Sept. 2016

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It amazes me how fast time flies… It has been close to six months since we moved to Green Bay and I started my job, ministry and journey with Starbucks. This place has been a source of challenges, struggles, growth, opportunities, adventures and great joy.

After two months from my first interview for shift supervisor, I had another opportunity to interview for the position. This round was a bit different, though. Since that time and experience, we had a change of bosses, new people being hired, many leaving and a lot of changes being made. With a dire need for Shift Supervisors, whoever wanted to try out for the position was marked an interview on a scheduled day and time. Only two people would be chosen for the position. So, me and two other girls, including my Best Friend and a dear other friend of ours tried out. Prior to our interviews, we group texted each other demonstrating such love and support for one another. We showed that no matter who would be picked, our friendship would stay the same. We would be happy, we would celebrate their position, support and help during this transition time. A day after the interviews, I got the call and did not get the position, but I celebrated with the two that did. With this, I had a unique opportunity to be creative, encourage and set them up for success by getting both of them special congratulation gifts with special things that would help, and encourage them along this new path.


I remember praying before the interviews and asking that God’s will would be done. If I can better be used by God in the position I am in now, Praise the Lord, or if I can better be used in the new position with new responsibility, then praise the Lord, too. I want His will and plan to be done in my life. His plan and will is always the best, even if we can’t completely understand it, or see the big picture. It’s called faith.


A few days after, I got surprised with The Partner of the Quarter award. How humbled and happy I felt that despite not getting the promotion, I got rewarded for having an outstanding character that comes from my love, care and faith in God. All honor and praise be to the One that lives in me.


Another answer to prayer is that we started a Bible study with my former boss and a few from Starbucks. We have met two times now, and it has been such a blessing. Please be praying with me that it will grow not only in number, but that we would grow together as we draw closer to God.


Before I finish, I would like to share how God speaks to us in such small and silent ways sometimes… He speaks through our conscience, His Word, nature, and sometimes a sticky note. 🙂 On the first day of fall, our store had a special fall event and I was working, and it was super busy and overwhelming at times. I started to let the craziness get me irritated and God’s fruit and Spirit was not taking control like it should. As I found myself in this state, I was miserable and unhappy. My boss noticed it and asked if I was ok. I shared that I was letting myself get irritated at things and went on my way doing my tasks.


The night before, I placed sticky notes around our work place that had different words and phrases, as positive and encouraging reminders. I came to our computer and saw one of my notes stuck on the monitor and it said, “Be Kind”, and another said, “Love”. Right then, God brought me under such conviction. I went to the back room to work on dishes and asked God to forgive me, and to give me His love and kindness again. I left that backroom with a smile on my face and had a completely different spirit. My boss commented again, “You seem like you’re better.” I responded, “I got my heart right with God.” God is so merciful and He truly forgives and changes us from the inside out.


These are just a few things that God is doing in my life, and in the lives of those around me–it would take a book or two to share it all.


Thank you for taking the time to read my updates, and may the things God is doing in my life encourage your heart today.  God is real and active, all we have to do is seek, believe and follow.


-Noeli Weinert


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