July 2016

What to say about this month…Well, life continues to be challenging as I learn more about God, myself and the dear people around me. I continue to learn and grow in my job. This month, we had a shocking event involving the sudden death of a shift Supervisor from one of the near by Starbucks who was going to work at our store. During this time, I had many unique and special opportunities to reach out to my fellow co-workers with words of comfort and prayer but with this sad occurrence, it opened a serious need for shift Superiors. I was one of the many they chose to interview for the position. I was very surprised that they would even want to interview me for the job because I have only been with the company a few months now. So, I prepared for the interview as well as I could and decided to just relax and trust the Lord to fulfill the purposes He had for this, no matter the results. I had my interview and I felt it went very well. I was able to simply share my heart and desires for the position and felt like I made a very good connection with the two people who interviewed me. A few days later, my boss sat down with me and with her keen insight, shared some positive things and some negative things that stood out to her. In that small moment with her, I was able to learn so much about myself and my major weaknesses that I needed to desperately let God change in my life. I didn’t get the position but I see that God wanted to teach me some important things to let Him work in me, to shine more for Him. I’m seeking to learn and improve more in my job and hope to in the near future try for the position again but above all, I want God’s perfect will for me and to be used by Him in all I do, whether it is in the back ground (which I prefer) or in the spot light. I believe with all my heart, that “God has me here for such a time as this.”

Also this month, my brother goes back to school to complete another year of schooling. It was a sad and happy time to see him leave. Sad because I will miss him and our times together but happy to see God supply for him to go back and get a little closer to his hearts desire to be a pastor/missionary in Brazil.

Last but not least, this month, God supplied a car for me! The price was exactly what I had saved up. God is so good to me and may all the glory and praise go to Him and Him alone.

I may not know what the future holds or where God will lead me but one thing I do know, He will never leave me and the more I seek His face and trust Him, He will supply ever need and fulfill His perfect and good plan for me.

Lord, shine Your face upon me and may others seek You because of Your love being so alive in me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my updates and may God bless you richly as You seek Him above all else.


Noeli Weinert


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