April 2016


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This last month has been a start of a new chapter in my life and in my families. By God’s direction and provision, we have moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin to start life there.

In this short period of time, God has supplied jobs, two temporary homes and a house to rent that we should be able to move in soon. I have clearly seen the miraculous hand of God in all the beautiful little details. I have seen that even though we are not official full time missionaries, God continues to supply our every single need. Giving beyond what we can think or imagine.

I was able to celebrate my 28th birthday with my relatives and friends here. It was a great time. I have truly seen how blessed I am everyday and have seen the goodness and mercy of God in my life.

I am working at Starbucks and in such a small period of time I have seen that God’s love and truth has been seen in me by many comments and notes I have received from co-workers and our daily usual customers. I pray everyday that the love of God would shine through me each day as I work there and also during the time I come in early to read and write.

Please pray for us as we settle in here, as we are still living out of suitcases until we can move into our new home. I am still learning my way around and trying not to get lost. Lol

Please pray that God will continue to guide and direct about my life, further education and plans for a first survey trip to China.


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