Prayer with Total Faith


God has been speaking to me a lot about having faith and especially faith in prayer. In my Bible reading, I have been reading in the book of Mark. There are several passages and verses about faith and how nothing is impossible for God. So after meditating on these truths and I asked God to forgive me for doubting and not believing many times and asked Him to increase my faith in Him…

On January 14th, 2016… (quote from my journal) “When I clocked in, the dish washer was not working and Mike was looking at it. It was giving so much trouble that they were preparing me to wash dishes by hand. As I was putting away the containers, I began to pray in faith that God would fix the machine, if it be His will. If He wanted me to wash by hand, I would but that He would fix it and that they would see that You are real. Moments later, I started to use the machine and it worked perfectly all through my shift. Praise the Lord! Is anything too hard for the Lord? Is there anything too impossible for God to do? No!

God did a miracle for me when I asked in faith without doubting and to show that He is real in me. Several people asked if I fixed it and I told them that I prayed and God fixed it. Ever sense I prayed for the machine to work, it has worked perfectly just for me. It gave problems for others that used it but not me. Wow!

God is amazing!

Make Yourself real to these people, Lord.”

-Noeli Weinert

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