Reflexion About the Year and Next…

As I sit here with a hot rice bag on my stiff neck, I am thinking over this year of 2015 and all that God has done and has enabled me to do and accomplish…

-Graduated from my second and last year at Walk Right Baptist Bible Institute (CBBI)

-Received the Ministry Leadership Award (totally unexpected)

-Got my driver’s license and I drive all over the place, including all the way to Michigan and Wisconsin

-Got my first official job at a place I never thought I would work at

-I work and minister to the dearest people who need Jesus and constant encouragement working through their daily stressful work

-I have a dear church family and friends that have been a blessing to me in many special ways

-God has enabled me to be with my family and help them through many health issues

– God is slowly directing and guiding about further education to teach English, possibly on foreign lands, as a means to share Jesus

Besides these bigger events are millions of smaller events that has proven, molded and tried me to make me more like Jesus and to serve Him in a greater and wiser way. My prayer through and sense school has been, “Lord, empty me of me so I can be filled with You. Lord, empty me of the selfishness inside. Every vain ambition and the poison of my pride. And any foolishness my heart holds to. Empty me of me so I can be filled with You.” My prayer this year has been that He would hide my face behind His and those around me would see Him and not me. My goal through every letter, note, present has been to get them to want to start seeking God in a personal way. I have prayed and sought to live in such a way that they would see God’s love, compassion and that they would see that I truly care. In caring, I pray that I can be there when they need help and guidance.

So, as I think about the tradition of making New Years Resolutions. I have seen how so many make goals focused on self, temporal and vain things, like the picture on the left. What if we made goals like the ones listed in the right photo instead? Goals focused on our relationship and walk with God. I will make some attainable goals but always asking for His will to be done. If a goal is not His will or not His timing then I will focus on what He wants and not my goal.

This is my prayer and may it be yours too: “Lord, as I look toward the new year, be my vision so that I can plan according to Your heart and not my own. Amen.”

-Noeli Weinert


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