Dec. 2015 Update Letter

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What an amazing month this has been! I continue to be amazed at what God is doing in and through me for His glory. God continues to bless as I seek to build relationships at work and ask for wisdom for many questions about God that comes my way from time to time. God is always faithful by speaking through me His truth. Last Saturday, my manger called me in the office for over an hour and just asked question after question about spiritual matters. I asked God for wisdom once again and God spoke through. It was such a blessed and edifying time. Please pray for these dear people. I could name them all and each one is so precious to God and that need Him.

God directed once again to put a Christmas gift together for everyone at work with the purpose of helping them to want to seek God and His truth. It was a great joy to see their thankful heart and smile when each one got their gifts. I was even lead to give a few extra ones to some of our delivering guys too. Their shock and surprise in getting a gift was priceless.

My manager was also gracious to my brother and I in allowing us to take off a weekend to go see family in Wisconsin. It was such a blessing! God directed and prepared special times with close friends we had not seen in a while and reuniting with family on my mom side was such a joy filled time.

Christmas day was spent with just our family. It was a precious time reading the Christmas story, sharing thoughts about His Word, praying together and thanking God for His unspeakable gift, Jesus, and giving each other thoughtful and meaningful gifts and cards from the heart and expressing our love and appreciation with our words, embraces and a few joyful tears.

There is still so much to share of what God has done and is doing but it could probably fill a book. Maybe one day, God will allow me to publish my journals for all to see the wonderful work of God in my life. =)

Well, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

In the love of Christ,

Noeli Weinert


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