Update Letter – Nov. 2015


After about a little over five months working at Bob Evans, my co-workers have watched my life on a daily basis and now they are more than ever asking and seeking me for spiritual answers. This last month, I have been able to share the complete Gospel to several co-workers and they have seen how much I care for each one by my actions and words. Please continue to pray for their souls. Many are religious but still very confused about eternal matters. I deeply care and love these people and want them to find and seek God in a deep and personal way.

  I had the privilege to teach the children and focused on being thankful. It is so important the gift of thankfulness in a world where no one is truly satisfied with all they have and when so many around the world have very little.

  I was able to take a quick trip to Michigan with my dad for a meeting at Houghton Lake Baptist Church. I drove 10 and a half hours straight and most of the way home the next day but it was so worth the trip. I got to see so many dear friends and brothers and sisters in Christ that I served with during my last year at CoBeAc Baptist Bible Institute. I am truly blessed with so many dear people in my life.

  I am very close to paying off my school bill at CoBeAc and am able to slowly save up for a car. Please continue to pray that I can get one soon. So, I can then take my next step for furthering my education.

  Thank you again for all your prayers and for taking the time to read my life updates.

God bless you all!

In Christ’s love,

Noeli Weinert

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