I am… (Psalms 139)

Psalms 139

I am:

“-Examined by God

-Known by Him

-Seen by Him

-Protected by Him

-Followed by Him

-Blessed by Him

-Guided by Him

-Strengthened by Him

-Supported by Him

-Carefully created by Him

-Led by Him”

What great promises God has for us. He does these things for us every moment of everyday, whether we realize it or not. He is faithful in doing these promises even when we fail, even when we ignore Him many times, even when we don’t love Him with all our heart, even then, He always is with us and working for us. He does all things for our good and for His glory. His goal is to care for us and make us like His Son, Jesus. Let us confess our failures and short comings and thank Him for all He does even not deserving it. Let us give our hearts completely back to Him and let us surrender our lives to live fully in and for Him.

Noeli Weinert


2 thoughts on “I am… (Psalms 139)

  1. Thank you for this Noel. I would like to put this in the bulletin sometime, is this all your work or is the part in quotes someone elses?

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