September 2015 Update

In this chapter of my life, I have seen and realized some important things that the Lord is trying to teach and mold in me for my next task and ministry, which might possibly be teaching English/ doing missionary work in China. When and how it will happen I am not sure of yet but I have been in prayer and in contact with several people about the requirements and steps to take, to make it happen. I am looking into a possible teaching degree and TESOL certification that will allow me to complete the task of teaching English in China, if that is what God confirms for me to do.

Until God clearly directs when to pursue this certification and/or degree, I am faithfully working hard and long hours at Bob Evans. God has been gracious and good in answering my prayers by allowing me to slowly show His presence in the way I work and conduct. I have had several opportunities to share and encourage my co-workers to seek God in His Word. I am so grateful that God has me where I am, even with its challenges. I see that the challenges and hardships is how I learn and grow the most and for that I am grateful.

I have created a special place by the Ohio River that I love to go early in the morning before work with my coffee, Bible, and journal. There I have had countless hours letting God search my heart, pouring my heart, soul, mind, desires, dreams, doubts, frustrations and fears all to Him. And moments before, I go into work, I surrender my life and ask Him for all that I need and to shine upon my face that they may see Him and not me. What an amazing God that we have!

Thank you again for taking the time to read my life updates and I pray that God will continually mold and use us for His glory.

In Christ’s love,

Noeli Weinert

Special Prayer Requests:

-God’s continual direction and provision in my life

-Opportunities for ministry in the ladies prison and other ministries in the church

– Opportunity to be trained as a Shift Leader and/or Assistant Manager at Bob Evans

– That God would provide a car for me

– Continual wisdom for everything I do


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