New York Mission Trip (April 11-17, 2015)

Dear Brothers and sister’s in Christ,

In 2011, during my first year at Walk Right Baptist Bible Institute, God supplied and gave me the opportunity to go to New York City for the first time for a mission’s trip. It was unforgettable! I experienced God do so many miraculous and amazing things in my life.

After three years being out of school and serving in Brazil with my parents, teaching English and helping in the ministry, I have been able to go back to Walk Right and do my second and final year there.

Now, that the year is near its end, we are planning on going to New York to evangelize once again. I would really like the privilege to go a second time to serve and to help the new students that have never been there before.

I need $450 to be able to go on this mission’s trip. Would you pray with me and consider helping in prayer and in donating for me to go? I know that God is preparing great things for this trip and I know it will help increase my compassion for lost souls and to help me have victory over fear that grips me so many times. This trip will help prepare me more for pursuing my desire to possibly work in China in the near future.

May God bless you richly!

In Christ’s love,

Noeli Weinert


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