Prayer and Praise Letter – November 2014

I am thy servant; give me understanding, that I may know thy testimonies. Stablish thy word unto thy servant, who is devoted to thy fear.”

(Ps. 119:125,38)

My dear friends and brethren,

God continues to instruct and bless in a mighty way by the teaching and preaching of God’s Word this last month.

We studied the life of Abraham, Jacob, and David. I was reminded about the faith that Abraham displayed in His life. I saw that God may test our faith and trust in Him by putting tests in our life to see if we will step out in to the unknown, by faith, and then, He will act. God blesses our faith and He blesses beyond what we can see. I saw that there are times that I need to step back and look at what God is and has done and praise Him even if I don’t completely understand. I pray that my walk will grow in more dependence and faith in Him every day.

We had a class of theology that was excelent. Our last class was Christianity and American History. That was full week because we also went to the IFBF meeting that we sang at. While we were there God spoke greatly to my heart and my dad surprised me by showing up at the meeting to see us sing and enjoy the wonderful preaching. It was a long day but such a blessing!

This week we are having spirit week and as you can see by the picture above that day was Nerd day. 🙂 It’s a week of fun, catch up on homework, and some pratical classes by some of the staff.

God is teaching me so much and has given me so many unique opportunities to witness and encourage people around me in the Lord.

The church I am serving at has been a blessing and many people have “adopted” me and have been able to spend many afternoons at several houses of some dear ladies that have truly spoiled me and have shared great many hours talking about God’s wonderful work in our lives.

Please continue to pray for God to supply for my bill. This month I owe about $37 dollars. Next month I will need about $650. Please pray that God will supply and for me to possibly get some jobs during Thanksgiving and Christmas break.

Thank you so much for your prayers and for those that have helped financially. I know that God will continue to supply my needs and can’t wait to see how God will meet them.

Love you all in the Lord.

In Christ,

Noeli Weinert


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