Praise and Prayer letter – August 2014

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

(Hebrews 11:1)

Thinking back on this month, I am amazed at how God has worked in my heart, for the wonderful opportunities of ministry He gave and how He has provided many, many things as well.

A couple letters ago, I had mentioned prayer for a young lady that God has put in my path to be able to help spiritually and that was thinking of going to Walk Right Baptist Bible Institute with me this fall. God gave me an opportunity to do a Bible study with her in Proverbs 2. It was a wonderful time and God taught us some great truths to apply to our lives. Please continue to pray that God will become her number one priority in her life.

One Sunday, a friend of mine gave me an opportunity to take her Sunday School class and as I was praying for direction, God directed me to teach on the life of Hudson Taylor and how he prepared to go to China. God laid it on my heart to give the children a chance to go to a few neighbors and give some tracts and talk about Jesus together after the church service. They were so excited for this opportunity. I pray that God will give them an increasing desire and burden to share Christ to friends, neighbors and relatives.

I have continued to travel with my parents to many supporting churches, sharing what God has done in Brazil. During these travels God has provided for our family and also have had hours and hours in the car to be able to have a lot of instruction and teaching together in God’s Word. Valuable and precious times.

God has proved Himself faithful, as always, in providing for my needs and also some wants too. God has provided jobs and I almost got what I need for the downpayment and books. I will continue to walk by faith each month but I am confident that God will take care of me, like He always has. God is so wonderful!

God provides our wants too. A lady and dear friend who has survived cancer, paid for me to get a haircut and also took me to a store and bought a bunch of clothes for school. I don’t have words to describe my thankfulness and gratitude to the Lord. God is so wondeful, even so undeserving. Thank you for taking the time to hear again a little of what God has done. God bless!

In Christ’s service,

Noeli Weinert

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