Fulfillment of My Deepest Longings


What or who can satisfy this longing, and thirst inside of me, a lack of contentment, a craving for something more?

Do you ever feel like something is missing even as a born again Christian?

I have been saved now for about 16 years. God has done some amazing things in my life as He is molding me more like Him. But sometimes I feel like some of my longings and lack of contentment is there within me. It is a struggle each day to be completely content in my Lord. There are times where I start to desire things that I think will make me more happy or more complete.

As a 26 year old single, I desire to serve the Lord along side a godly man and to have that closer relationship with someone. I think, maybe then, I will be happier, content, and more complete. Is this true? I would like to give you an example of something that God opened my eyes to recently.

About a month or so ago, I read two books series that were made into movies that I have truly enjoyed. I normally don’t read secular books but the movies I saw of them were decent and very low rated and many people I know are reading them. So, I read them. As I read them, I could not put them down! Any spare time I had, I would read a little more and a little more until I was finished. As I read I kept craving more and more. I could not be satisfied not knowing what was going to happen. Well, you might think, That’s normal and it’s just a story.

The Spirit within me was starting to feel really sad and I started to feel like my attention was being slowly drifted away from thinking and being with my Lord. All those hours I spent didn’t satisfy that longing I had within me. I think down deep inside, I was using the books and story to escape from reality, that sometimes, were not pleasant. But it was slowly turning me away from my focus on God, the only One that can truly satisfy my deepest longings and hunger. I started to compare when I would spend more time reading God’s Word and talking to Him to when I was reading these books.

My longings and contentment was fulfilled when I spent time with God and kept a more constant contact with Him. When I was reading those books, I felt that I needed more and more and could not be satisfied. I would catch myself talking about the books instead of my Lord. That started to bother me. I prayed, Lord, I don’t like this feeling of discontentment or craving for more and more within me. I desire to shine and share You but I can only do that when You are dominating my mind and heart. You say in your Word that we are to shine You and that what comes out of our mouth is what’s in our heart. I can only shine and share You when, my mind and heart is filled with Your presence and truth. Forgive me, Lord. Only You can fulfill my deepest longings. Marriage alone, entertainment, worldly pleasures, friendships, and the list goes on, will not completely fulfill or complete me. Only the Person of Jesus Christ. Having my mind and heart on Him.

I pray that this testimony was a blessing and a help to you. May your desire be to let the person of God complete you by surrendering yourself to Him, meditate on His word and to keep talking to Him. Only that will truly satisfy you.

By: Noeli Weinert



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