Prayer and Praise Letter May 2014


Dear Brothers and Sister’s in Christ,

I am so thankful to God for the privilege to serve the Lord in the land of Brazil for 26 years now with my family.

I have been trying to keep everyone updated of what has been going on in my life on my blog, but have not sent a prayer and praise letter to all of you personally in a long while.

Now that I am in the States again with my family on furlough, I hope to beable to send an update on my life as I am planning on going back to WalkRight Baptist Bible Institute this fall to do my second year there.

God continues to mold me and try me each and everyday as I seek to grow in Him. My heart’s desire is to still be a missionary and I am praying that God will give me more direction about that as I do my second year and consider becoming a missionary on my own without my family.

Please pray with me that God will supply for my second year at Walk Right and that He would continue to use me as I seek to grow and serve Him with all my heart.

God has given me so many opportunities to share and teach His truth through teaching English, at home and now online, Sunday School, and one on one with people.

God has also tested and continues to test me in many, many areas and it has not been easy but I can clearly see that He is definitly molding my character and stuborn will through it. For that, I have to be thankful. I want to do God’s will and not my own and that requires putting me through fire many times.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter and pray that shareing what God is doing in my life would be a blessing and encouragment to you.

In Christ’s love,

Noeli Weinert



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