Prayer and Praise March 2014


Dear Praying friends and supporter,

Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labour of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our Father;”

(I Thess. 1:3)

… your work of faith…”Living by complete faith in God is the greatest thing you can ever experience!

My greatest desire for my life is to completely depend on God and God alone. Since 2006 when we had to sell our house to help pay some of the hug medical bills we had, and still have, when my mom got Fibromyalgia, we have been depending completely on God to supply a place to live. God in His great love and mercy has supplied multiple places through out these years for us to stay without paying a penny of rent. Did God do it because we deserved it? Absolutely not! The more I study God’s Word the more I see what a sinner I am. A few months ago, we found out that the house that was given to us to use for several of years, needed to be sold. We had no place to go and God was working greatly in a new group of people in a near by neighborhood. People where getting saved and God was and is doing amazing things! So, what are we going to do? Where are we going to live? We started asking God to supply a place for us. God answered and supplied a place in the US. We didn’t want to leave for furlough then, but God has a reason. We sold many of our things to be able to buy our tickets and got packed for a furlough. Since, I got here God has just showed His kindness to me in such a great way.

I am planning and praying about going back for my Second Year at Walk Right Baptist Bible Institute in the fall. I don’t have money to go but I know that God will supply for me to go if He wants me there. He supplied last time and I know He will this time too. 🙂 Please pray that God will supply for the down payment I must pay and for my books. My hearts desire is to serve as a full time missionary. I am still not sure where yet, but I am praying that God will show me soon. In the mean time, I serve wherever God puts me. We are a missionary wherever we are. We just have to be willing and fully surrendered to His will.

…your…labour of love…” My greatest desire is to walk near and have a close relationship with God. To love what He loves and to love like He loves. It is a battle, each and everyday, to crucify the flesh and surrender my members to Him, but when I do God does great things in and through me for His glory. I can get no credit because everything good that comes through me is entirely from Him. In us is no good thing. My prayer is to love Him supremely everyday and to love others through His love. Please pray that God would do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal in me for His glory.

…your…patience…” Sometimes it is so hard to be patient for something you desire so greatly. God is helping me to be patient for some great desires of my heart. There are times when I want it so badly to come now, but God tells me deep down in my heart, “wait…. everything has its time and purpose…be patient…I promise to supply everything you need in its right time… wait on Me…” In time of waiting, God does not want us to just sit there and do nothing. God wants us to prepare and serve Him. Let God mold you and prepare you for what He has created you for. We all have a purpose, special gifts and talents to use for God. Surrender all of them to God and ask Him to lead you and use you for His glory. Hold nothing back. Give all of yourself to Him.

May the God of the impossible do the impossible in and through you for His glory!!!

In Christ,

Noeli Weinert





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