July- August 2012



I finished doing the Bible study with my neighbors. That last night, Lais prayed and excepted Jesus in to her heart! I hope with all my heart that it was sincere and real. Please continue to pray for her as God helps me to disciple her.  Also, please pray for her family members that are not saved.


I wanted to thank all you for your prayers about the possibility of me going back to Walk Right Baptist Bible Institute this September. God clearly has directed to not go back this year. So, I will continue to serve Him here.


Please continue to pray for the dear children in my Sunday School class. One Sunday I got to help a couple of the girls with their doubts about salvation. Please continue to pray for their growth and for those who are not saved yet. Also, the class started to write letters back and forth with my dear friend, Kirstie and her Sunday School class. It has been a great way for them to share Christ, and what He is teaching them each week, with others in a different land.


We had our V.B.S. We thank the Lord that it went really well. Our focus this year was on missions. God gave me an opportunity to tell one of the stories to the kids. We could really see God doing a work in their lives. I got to clearly present the Gospel, both days, and share my personal testimony of salvation. I just have to thank the Lord for giving us a great 4 days of investing in those dear children. May God continue to work in their lives.

Thank you all again for all your prayers and support.

In Christ,

Noel Weinert

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