February-March 2012


Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you.” (I Sam. 12:24)


Please continue to pray as I continue to serve the Lord by teaching my dear little Sunday school students. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would speak through me and give me wisdom in how to relate to each child. Please pray for God to save the ones that are not saved yet too. Please pray for a girl I met a little while ago. I am trying to evangelize her and bring her to church. Her name is Luana. Please pray for her salvation.


I praise the Lord for the multiple blessings the young people and I received during our church camp. Many things went wrong with the electricity and water, but God was still able to do a great work in our spiritual lives. God worked mightily in my life! Praise the Lord for His mighty works!


I would really appreciate your prayers about paying off my Walk Right school bill. I have to send in something in each month if not they will charge me a fee of $35. I am doing all I can to send in something, but there are times where I have not been able to make a payment.


I praise the Lord all the opportunities he has given me to encourage, exhort, and help others to stay on the path of God. God has been doing great things! I serve an awesome God! I would be nothing without Him in my life.

In Christ,

Noel Weinert


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