A neat way of witnessing about Jesus by Kirk Cameron

What an awesome way to witness about Jesus! There is only ONE true Gospel but there are many different ways and methods to share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is not only one way or method of sharing about Jesus. We all have different spiritual gifts, different back grounds, and different situations that brought each one of us to the place that we needed Jesus. After watching this video, I began to ask the Lord, “What way or method would be best for me to share Christ with people?” I have tried many different ways and methods but I think I still have not found the perfect one for me, that goes with my back ground, testimony, and spiritual gifts.  Please pray with me that you and I may find the best way and method to share the Gospel with all love and compassion that Jesus had when He was here on earth. Remember, Jesus is our first and perfect example. We should always look to Him. He will help us find the answer if we simply seek and ask Him.

May God bless you all as we seek to do His will daily.


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