Waiting for Our Love

Jesus is yearning to have fellowship with us and and to hear words

of love drop from our lips. He is waiting for us. He wants us

to be close to Him. He wants to speak to our hearts, to

cultivate love’s intimate relationship with us. Only in times of quiet

when no one else distracts us, and nothing else draws us away,

can Jesus visit us with His love. Let him who wishes to know the

presence of Jesus and who desires to enter into bridal love

for Jesus keep his times of quiet holy and faithfully for Him.

Jesus is waiting for our love. As important

as our sacrifices and our obedience to the

commandments are for God (the rich young ruler sacrificed, and kept the

commandments), they are not enough. Sacrifices and obedience do not

necessarily yield the “eternal, divine life.” Love does not necessarily

pulsate through them. Jesus is pulsating life and love, which stems from

the divine, eternal life which He has granted to us, is the proper

response to His love for us. This love leads us to keep His

commandments, which are His wishes for us. It will lead us to bring

Him many gifts, and to offer Him sacrifices- but in a different spirit.

…Bridal love for Jesus is filled with delight. There is no greater,

happier, higher, richer love.

By: Basilea Schlink


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