Do We Really love God?

Our love to God arises out of our emptiness;

God’s love to us out of His fulness. Our

impoverishment draws us to that power which can relieve and

to that goodness which can bless us. His overflowing love delights

to make us partakers of the bounties He graciously imparts. We can only

be said to love God when we endeavor to glorify Him, when we desire a

participation of His nature, when we study to imitate His perfections.

We are sometimes inclined to suspect the love

of God to us, while we too little suspect our own lack of love to Him . . .

When the heart is devoted to God, we do not need to be perpetually

reminded of our obligations to obey Him. They present themselves

spontaneously and we fulfill them readily. We think not so much of the

service as of the One served. [ The motivation which suggests the work

inspires the pleasure.] The performance is the gratification, and the

omission is both a pain to the conscience and wound to the affections . . .

Though we cannot be always thinking of God, we may be always

employed in His service. There must be intervals of our communion with

Him, but there must be not intermission of our attachment to Him.

By: Hannah More


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