What God has done in my life at Walk Right (part 1)

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The reason why I will be sharing my heart to you is in hope that God will use the struggles and experiences in my life to help you develop a greater love for our God and Savior. Before I begin, I would like to share a few of many verses that have been a constant help to me this year.

Commands I have been learning to obey completely

Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed. Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday. Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him:” (Ps. 37:3-7)

This has been my constant plea and prayer.

Teach me, O LORD, the way of thy statutes; and I shall keep it unto the end. Give me understanding, and I shall keep thy law; yea, I shall observe it with my whole heart. Make me to go in the path of thy commandments; for therein do I delight. Incline my heart unto thy testimonies, and not to covetousness. Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity; and quicken thou me in thy way. Stablish thy word unto thy servant, who is devoted to thy fear. Turn away my reproach which I fear: for thy judgments are good. Behold, I have longed after thy precepts: quicken me in thy righteousness.” … my soul thirsteth after thee, as a thirsty land. Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy spirit is good; lead me into the land of uprightness.”( Ps. 119:33-40; Ps.143:6,10)

Sept. 9, 2010

Today was my first day at Walk Right. I got all moved in to my dorm and met my nice roommate and was so excited for the school year to begin.

That evening, we had our very first Chapel. A wonderful message was preached on how God can use simply ONE willing person to make a world of difference for the cause of Christ. That night, I asked and pleaded in tears for God to make me that one person for His glory. I said, “Lord, I want to make a difference and bring glory to your name in a great way. Use me in anyway possible.” Looking back at this one night, I see that God has answered that prayer and continues to answer until this day.

Sept. 10, 2010

The next night, God really reminded me how much I was truly blessed by Him daily (Ps. 68:19; Ps. 103) Not to long ago, I was going through a very hard trial and I needed to be reminded really how blessed I was and that God was using it to mold me more like Himself. God showed me that I can’t truly help someone if I don’t realize I have been blessed and that God is in control and has a wonderful plan for each one of us. He has the solution to each one of our problems. I cried out to the Lord, asking Him to use me to be a blessing and an encouragement to those around me this year.

After Chapel, Bro. Kahl took us all to the McDonald’s in town. We did something that I sure did not expect to do. We all sang for the crew working at McDonald’s. It was amazing and what a testimony! It was great!

Sept. 20-23, 2010

We started our first block class with Pr. Humburt and it was so great to see his love for God and his Christ-likeness. God really used this man of God to remind me of the awesome responsibility I have as child of God to go into all the world and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. During that week, God placed on my heart to not only pray more for my unsaved relatives but to take the time and write them hand written letters and share with them what God is doing in my life and to share the Gospel with them. Sense that day, I wrote a handful of letters and a while after, I got a letter from each of them. One basically rejected the Gospel and it absolutely broke my heart. The other one (my Grandpa Thib.) he wrote me thanking me for the letters and he sent me a $100 check. He called me on Skype the other day (which he never had done before) and one of the first things he said was that he has really enjoyed receiving my letters. He seems to be open but please pray that God will continue to work in his heart and that he will see Christ in me. It was also this class that I started praying earnestly for God to give me a burden for souls and that I would be more soul conscience. God answered my plea when I stepped out in faith in New York City and let Him use me to spread the Gospel. There is certainly a time to pray with importunity but there comes a time where we have to stop praying and we have to take that step of faith. Then, God will do great and mighty things through us and change our lives forever. I know it did mine.

To be continued…..


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