We make plans but God is the one that directs our paths

” A Christian girl in India was about to get married. She was attractive and one of the most capable girls living in the missions institution. Sores appeared on her hand, and it was discovered she had leprosy. She was removed from the orphanage and sent to the leper asylum. She was dressed in her beautiful white flowing garment as she walked with her brother into that awful place. The women there were dirty and filthy, and their faces looked sad and hopeless. When she saw them, she threw her head on her brother’s shoulder and wept and sobbed, ” My God,” she said, “Am I going to become as they are?” She was so distressed that those about her were afraid she might jump into the well. The missionaries sympathized with her and asked her if she would like to be a help to those poor women. A ray of hope came to her and she caught the vision. She started a school and taught the women to sing, read, and write. She knew how to play the accordion, so the missionaries bought her one. Gradually a transformation took place. The women responded to the Gospel message; houses were made clean, neat, and tidy; the women washed their clothes and combed their hair. That horrible place became a place of blessing. After being there for some time, she said,” When I first came to the asylum I doubted that there was a God. Now, I know that God had a work for me to do, and if I had not become a leper, I never would have discovered my work. Every day I live, I  thank Him for having sent me here, and that He has given me this work to do” (Gospel Herald, 1958, Erdmanns Publishing Co, Grand Rapids, Mi).


“Most of us cannot even imagine the kind of deprivations and heartache this girl endured, yet the point of telling this story is not to conclude her suffering was worse than ours, but to demonstrate how powerful God’s enabling grace is in the lives of those who trust and serve Him. ” And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work” ( II Corinthians 9:8). When we are simply willing, God is able to do incredible things in our hearts and lives. Whether we do or not marry, we may may simply do all to the glory of God, from the heart. Had the young girl in India been like some single women here in America, she would have wasted her life in bitterness and depression rather than using her circumstances for Christ  and experience victory and joy.”


When I read this, I was so touched! I ask myself, “Could I be like that young girl if that is God’s plan for my life?”

Am I willing to love and serve God alone if that be His plan for me? Am I willing to give up all my desires and replace them with God’s desires for my life? Will it be worth it? Absolutely!!!

Lord, my life is yours! Take it and use it for your honor and glory whatever it might be!



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